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Netgate 4100 pfSense+ Security Gateway

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The Netgate® 4100 with pfSense® Plus software is one of the most versatile security gateways in its class. It combines the power of a Dual-Core Intel® Atom® C3338R Core CPU with integrated QuickAssist & AES-NI, and 4 GB of memory for a snappy user experience, delivering over 8.15 Gbps of L3 routing across six independent - (2) 1 GbE and (4) 2.5 GbE - flexible WAN/LAN ports.

Dual Core 2.2 Ghz Intel Atom CPU

Pre-loaded with pfSense Plus software

6 independent and flexible WAN/LAN ports


Passive Cooling System

Compact Size and Low Power Draw

The Netgate 4100 with pfSense Plus is a versatile security gateway, ideal for businesses that need high-speed connectivity.

The Netgate® 4100 is ideal for pro-home, small/medium businesses, or edge deployments that require flexible port configurations to support 1 to 2.5 Gbps WAN capabilities across (2) RJ45 copper / SFP fiber Combo WAN ports and (4) discrete, unswitched 2.5 Gbps RJ-45 ethernet LAN ports - all in a silent desktop form factor.

Built with performance, versatility, and low total cost of ownership in mind, systems with pfSense® Plus software meet the growing needs of organizations of all sizes.

Low total cost of ownership
   - No artificial limits or add-ons required to make your system fully functional.
   - No additional usage or feature-based pricing. Enjoy unlimited users, unlimited firewall rules, unlimited IPsec tunnels, dual WAN, etc.
   - Low power requirements to help save you money.
   - This system is designed for a long deployment lifetime.

Grows with you
   - From firewall to Unified Threat Management, get all the security features you need to protect your home or business.
   - Flexible configuration and support for multi-WAN, high availability, VPN, load balancing, reporting and monitoring, etc.
   - Add optional packages such as Snort or Suricata for IDS/IPS and network security monitoring, Squid for optimized content delivery and SquidGuard for anti-spam/anti-phishing and URL filtering.1 
   - Maximum Active Connections: 4,000,000

Easy GUI management
   - Manage pfSense Plus software settings through our web-based GUI.
   - No fumbling with a command-line interface or typing arcane commands.

Secure remote access
   - Connect via encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPN) between your offices, let mobile workers connect securely, or connect to the Cloud!
   - Use the built-in Amazon VPC Wizard to easily establish VPN connections with your Amazon EC2 cloud.

Best For:
   - Consumers
   - Remote Workers
   - Small to Medium-Sized Business Networks
   - Small to Medium-Sized Branch Office
   - Managed Service Provider / Managed Security Service Provider (MSP/MSSP) On-Premises Appliance
   - Enterprise
   - Everyone looking for great performance with no fan noise
   - Situations where a rack mount system is not an option
   - Anyone with High-Speed Gigabit Connections 
   - Many VPN Connections

Software Features:
pfSense Plus software is a powerful firewall, router, and VPN solution that leverages a number of highly-regarded open-source projects. The software competes effectively with far more expensive, commercial alternatives and is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies all over the world. Leading secure-networking features and capabilities include:
   - Ad blocker (pfBlockerNG)
   - Captive Portal
   - CARP / HA
   - DNS Server
   - DHCP Server
   - HTTP transparent / web / reverse proxy (Squid)
   - IP / Country block list (pfBlocker)
   - IDS/IPS
   - Packet capture / inspection
   - Port forwarding
   - QOS / rate limiters
   - Software load balancer (HA Proxy)
   - Traffic monitoring
   - Traffic logging, statistics, and graphs
   - Traffic shaping
   - VLAN
   - Wake-on-LAN
   - Website blocker (pfBlocker)

Learn more about the features of pfsense Plus software

Additional information:
   - Quick Start Guide and other Manuals.
   - Not PoE Compatible.
   - Power cords EU included (US and UK available on demand)

Your purchase includes all of these super neat things, which will help you get started with pfSense:
   - Access to the online version of the continuously updated official pfSense book (700+ pages)
   - ACB: Auto-Configuration Backup Service
   - Monthly live education hangouts featuring in depth pfSense topics hosted by our core developers
   - Access to the archive of education hangouts
   - Access to the pfSense Virtual Security Gateway Appliance for VMWare®

Warranty and support information
   - Appliance warranty applicable if sold in France by Viatitude: One year manufacturer's hardware warranty, return cost to buyer's expense, back-delivery to Viatitude expense (except outside France) with repaired or spare item, new or refactored, identical or superior to original item.
   - Optional extension to 3 years or 5 years of manufacturer's hardware warranty by Viatitude.
   - Next-day spare delivery (in France): upon request.
   - All specifications subject to change without notice.

pfSense Plus
Form factor
User profile
L3 forwarding
IMIX Traffic: 3.24 Gbps
IPERF3 Traffic: 8.15 Gbps
IMIX Traffic: 1.40 Gbps (10k ACLs)
IPERF3 Traffic: 4.09 Gbps (10k ACLs)
IMIX Traffic: 312 Mbps (AES-GCM-128 w/QAT)
IPERF3 Traffic: 960 Mbps (AES-GCM-128 w/QAT)
Desktop - Aluminum, plastic, and steel enclosure. 10 x 7.88 x 1.88 inches 254 x 200 x 47.63 mm
Intel® Atom® C3338R with QAT, 2-core @ 1.8 GHz (Denverton family)
CPU Cores
Dual Core
(2) Auto media detect 1 Gbps (RJ45 copper / SFP fiber) Combo WAN ports (4) 2.5 Gbps RJ-45 "direct" (unswitched) ethernet LAN ports
16 GB eMMC (onboard - soldered) upgradable to 128 GB NVMe M.2 SSD with 4100 Max
4 GB DDR4 w/o ECC, single channel
2x m.2 (Key-B slot) with dual-SIM (LTE, Wi-Fi, or NVMe) (PCIe, USB 2.0, USB 3.0)
Console port
1x auto-detect console port: "Cisco pinout" RJ45 + micro-USB (micro-USB cable included with each system)
USB Port
2x USB 3.0 jacks (USB-A female) Located on left side rear when viewed from system front
3x 4-color LEDs (RGB + amber) Software / bootloader controllable via Microchip MCU
External ITE P/S AC/DC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 12V 5.0A (60W), threaded (locking) barrel connector
Optional wall mount kit
Operating Temperature
0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) - ambient

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